Dog aggression in small families? Why is it so common?

There are many reasons why your dog might be aggressive towards family members. some causes of this aggression might be defensive aggression, fear-based, status-based aggression, the guarding of food, or other types of aggression. If you have a dog that is aggressive to your family members it can be difficult to live with your dog. It might be dangerous to younger members of your family such as children, frustrating for you because you love your pet, or a source of disappointment. Here is what you need to understand about dog aggression in your small family.


Dog Aggression in Families

Dog aggression can be a common problem. You want to have good experiences with your pet. They enrich our lives and are great companions. You need to be cautious with an aggressive dog because a dog can still be dangerous and can harm members of your family. An aggressive dog might become very dangerous and you won’t be able to live with the dog due to their aggressive behavior. In this case, the dog may need to be put down because it’s the only way to correct the aggressive behavior. It’s estimated that over 800,000 people each year seek medical treatment for dog bites and over half of these are children.

Are there any pet products to prevent dog bites?

Dog bites are not a rare occurrence, they do happen quite a bit. Over 15% of dog owners have been bitten by their own pet. This sort of behavior can be a source of concern for you and it might not be curable. It all depends on the situation and what is causing the dog to be aggressive. a dog that bites may become even more violent, so you have to be careful if your dog is biting. If your dog is aggressive it’s best to seek the consultation of a veterinarian so the dog’s behavior can be assessed. With the right training, many aggressive behaviors are treatable, but you must seek treatment for aggressive behavior because it can become worse if it’s not addressed right away. You must not allow an aggressive dog to continue to be aggressive in your home because this is a very dangerous situation.

There are ways that you can prevent dog aggression and to ensure the safety of the family. You should identify the situations that might cause aggression in your dog. You can talk to your veterinarian about this and how you can help your dog become less aggressive. You need to be ready to control your dog if it does get aggressive around other people especially family members or others visiting you. In some cases, you may need to put the dog in another room so it cannot get at other people that are visiting you. the animal may simply get aggressive because there are other people around you and it doesn’t like it.


Calming dog collars could be an option? dog-collars-houndztooth

The reason why dog aggression exists is because dogs are wild animals at heart and this is part of their nature. Dogs are domesticated, but they still have the same tendencies they do in the wild. Your veterinarian and a dog expert – Houndztooth are the best solutions for you to address any aggressive behaviour in your dog. You should address this behaviour as soon as it crops up to avoid difficulties with your animal. Find a calming dog collar at all good natural pet stores

Dog aggression can be a common problem. If your dog is biting or otherwise being aggressive, have this address right away by a qualified professional before the situation escalates and gets worse. You don’t want your dog to seriously bite someone especially your own family members or friends. The dog’s behaviour can be modified but that source of the problem has to be addressed first and this can be complex, and professionals are required to correct the issue.

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